Why Tanzania?

Tanzania is a diverse country, with something for everyone. From sparkling beach resorts, where tourists luxuriate in the African sun, to exciting safari tours and mountain hikes in the African rainforest or grasslands, you’ll never be at a loss for what to do in Tanzania. Visit one of the country’s many world heritage sites, from the Serengeti National Park to Mount Kilimanjaro and the Zanzibar Islands. Tanzania is politically stable, and dedicated to tourism, providing a safe, and enjoyable experience for all holidaymakers. Friendly locals, exciting animals, and beautiful resorts are only some of the wonders you can expect on your trip to Tanzania.
Widely celebrated as one of the best safari destinations in Africa, and the world, Tanzania is a must-visit for all nature enthusiasts. The country has been voted best safari destination in Africa twice in 2014, and 2017. In addition, it’s national parks are globally acclaimed. Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park was mentioned as one of the 21 best places to visit in 2018 by the National Geographic. The CNN has also voted Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park one of Africa’s top five national parks in 2017.

Tanzanian Biodiversity

With 16 national parks, covering over 40 000 square kilometres, Tanzania has immense biodiversity in both plant and animal life. From open plains and grasslands where wildebeest and cape buffalo roam, to seaside habitats with diverse bird life. Whether you’re interested in seeing the big 5 in their natural habitat, bird-watching, fishing, or exciting nature hikes, Tanzania has something for everyone.

Tanzanian Animal Life

The variety of animal life found on Tanzania’s plains,woodlands, mountains, grasslands, lakes, and ocean, make it one of the most diverse areas in Africa. Home to approximately 400 animal species and over 1000 species of bird, Tanzania is the perfect destination for the avid animal-watcher. From zebra, wildebeest, buffalo and antelope, to elephants, hippos and giraffe, animal life is abundant. There are also a variety of majestic predators, including lions, cheetahs, leopards, and crocodiles in Tanzania’s national parks.

Tanzanian Plant Life

The small sections of tropical rainforest found in Tanzania are home to a wide selection of plant life, many of which are unique to the region. With towering mountains, woodland areas, and the open grasslands of the Serengeti plains, the landscape of Tanzania is varied and novel, making for once-in-a-lifetime sights. Tanzania’s nature reserves boast extensive collections of beautiful African wildflowers, trees and other plants.

Tanzanian People & Culture

Aside from its wonderful mix of plant and animal types, Tanzania is also one of the most culturally varied countries in the world. With over 120 indigenous tribes, and more than 120 languages spoken, Tanzania has a vast cultural landscape. Volunteer and cultural tours allow holidaymakers to engage in cultural learning, sharing and understanding, discovering a different way of life. From the Maasai and Wameru to the Wavuvi and Hadza, there are many cultural groups to explore in Tanzania. The friendly locals are more than willing to share and display their culture for curious tourists.

Holiday Resorts in Tanzania

As a popular tourist destination, Tanzania has a wide selection of lodges, beach resorts, and hotels. Lounge in the lap of luxury at one of Tanzania’s many beach-side resorts along the untouched coast. If you’d prefer an experience that’s closer to nature, there are also a number of lodges deep in the Tanzanian wilderness. Waking up to the sounds of African wildlife makes for an unforgettable holiday experience.

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